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Running From Infection Part 5
Mikey paced impatiently, a million thoughts and scenarios surging through his mind. It was late morning, and midday was approaching. As time ticked by, the worry Mikey was feeling increased. They’d been back at the bus for about half an hour, in that time they’d seen only the lifeless walking around, no living person. In fact, not only had they not seen a living person, they hadn’t heard one either. No screams, no gunshots, no car engines. It was as though the world around them had stopped and become deserted, save of course for themselves and the ‘zombies.’ The mauled body of the bus driver was covered up with a sheet (“if we’re gonna sit here and wait, then can we at least cover that damn thing up?” Frank had groaned) which had gradually turned red in some places after absorbing the blood. It did make things slightly better; the sight of the corpse was enough to make even the strongest stomached person feel queasy. So was
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Death by sassyness by xxXugotmailXxx Death by sassyness :iconxxxugotmailxxx:xxXugotmailXxx 84 32
Mature content
Running from Infection part 4 :iconxxxugotmailxxx:xxXugotmailXxx 2 2
Mature content
Running from infection part 3 :iconxxxugotmailxxx:xxXugotmailXxx 3 34
Worlds best birthday card pt 2 by xxXugotmailXxx Worlds best birthday card pt 2 :iconxxxugotmailxxx:xxXugotmailXxx 24 15 this picture ... I can't even by xxXugotmailXxx this picture ... I can't even :iconxxxugotmailxxx:xxXugotmailXxx 99 85 Sam - Twin Atlantic by xxXugotmailXxx Sam - Twin Atlantic :iconxxxugotmailxxx:xxXugotmailXxx 3 24 Party Poison and Blitz by xxXugotmailXxx Party Poison and Blitz :iconxxxugotmailxxx:xxXugotmailXxx 29 38 The Way Brothers Illuminate Parkinsons by xxXugotmailXxx The Way Brothers Illuminate Parkinsons :iconxxxugotmailxxx:xxXugotmailXxx 32 42
Mature content
Running from infection part 2 :iconxxxugotmailxxx:xxXugotmailXxx 6 39
Radioactive Killjoys CH.4
Chapter 4; Party Crashers   
Unlike most days, when the bar seemed abandoned and detached from the rest of the word, that Thursday night it was obvious that there was life inside its walls. Music, mostly dance songs from before the bombings, was turned up far louder that usual, causing the walls of the building to shudder, and the bright lights which flashed blue, red and green shone through the windows and through the gaps between the wood that boarded those without glass. There was little room to park; cars and vans creating a colourful barrier. Party Poison, after much scouting around, pulled up beside a green Mustang and cut the engine. He, Kobra, Ghoul, Jet and Grace got out and made their way through the maze of cars and towards the noisy building. The inside was busier than any of the five people had seen it be before, practically every table was taken and there seemed to be an army of people on the make-shift dance floor as the music echoed around the room. Th
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The True Live of The Fabulous Horses by xxXugotmailXxx The True Live of The Fabulous Horses :iconxxxugotmailxxx:xxXugotmailXxx 11 15 Because you're worth it by xxXugotmailXxx Because you're worth it :iconxxxugotmailxxx:xxXugotmailXxx 53 28
Radioactive Killjoys CH.3
Chapter 3 - Hair dye
By the time the Fabulous Killjoys had left the bar it was completely dark and the moon hung in a cloudless sky. Most of the people inside, including the three mysterious Killjoys, had left and there were only a handful of drinkers remaining. Just as they were about to climb into the Trans Am they heard the rumbling of an engine coming towards them. They looked up to see a khaki Jeep Wrangler appearing out of the darkness, wheels sending clouds of dust into the air, before it pulled up beside their own vehicle. The male driver saluted the four men before cutting the engine and climbing out. From the passenger side a female with platinum blonde hair and a bright pink fringe closed her door, smiling as she waved over. Ghoul winked as he nudged Poison in the rib, who pushed him away with a glare. From the back of the Jeep another three people, two females and a male, jumped out and started to walk over.
'Hey guys.' Poison smiled, rubbing his side from where Gh
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World's Sexiest Ginger by xxXugotmailXxx World's Sexiest Ginger :iconxxxugotmailxxx:xxXugotmailXxx 76 139
Radioactive Killjoys CH.2
Chapter two; Fire fight.
Author's note: For the purpose of this story the Killjoys are younger than the band are now or would be in 2019. They also have different pasts ^.^
Crash Cat: During the explosion you, and anyone within a couple of miles, breathed in a radioactive gas, it changed the structure of our DNA and … gave us these … powers.
Party Poison: Is that a good thing?
Crash Cat: All depends on how we use them

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ two years after previous chapter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
There was an eruption of activity as the Dracs pulled out their ray guns and fired them at the four killjoys in front of them, each of which dived behind the dusty vehicle behind them. Kobra Kid and Jet Star ran from cover and shot at the masked villains that stood in their path. Fun Ghoul stood up and fired from over the bonnet catching a Drac square in the forehead. Ghoul chucked to himself then knelt back on the ground.
'Ha! In
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Reconstructive Surgery // Melting by Demachic Reconstructive Surgery // Melting :icondemachic:Demachic 10,155 683 TMNT - Little one by becky016 TMNT - Little one :iconbecky016:becky016 63 40 TMNT - Almost time by becky016 TMNT - Almost time :iconbecky016:becky016 36 18
TMNT-Bright Future
Leonardo shifted beneath the robes he wore and rubbed his fingers on the fabric. It was weird to be dressed in anything besides his mask. He gazed down at the kimono he wore. Well...sort of kimono. It used to belong to Splinter and had been very traditional...but it had been altered into a more westernized shirt and pants. Not just for the sake of where they were, but also so Leonardo could easily slip in and out of the attire.
The ninja glanced down the aisle formed by folding chairs and felt his mouth lightly drop. The time had come, it seemed. Splinter's tall frame came into view over the hill and to the top, a small figure by his side.
Splinter seemed to beam as the sun reached the horizon behind Leonardo. The warmth washed over the faces of his brothers that stood to his left, April, his sister-in-law, on his right, and over the figures of April's father, Mr. Murakami, friends they had made over the years and numerous Foot Clan members who remained loyal to Karai. They had all tur
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Rise Of The Guardians Movie Reviews by EspioArtwork31 Rise Of The Guardians Movie Reviews :iconespioartwork31:EspioArtwork31 649 26
Party Poison
Party Poison
He stared down at the ray gun in his hands. They'd all just got one, under his own instructions. "We're rebels now, outlaws. As far as they are concerned, we are the enemy. We need to be ready for any fight they bring to us, or that we bring to them." His words. Spoken confidently as his brother and two best friends listened carefully. He'd spoken of weapons, of learning to fight, learning to steal, learning to kill. "We need to protect our identities, we'll be harder to find if they don't know who we really are." That one had proven a little more difficult. All of them were proud of who they were, what they were. No one much liked the idea of hiding that. He'd tried to explain that he agreed, he was proud too, but what good would they be dead and gone within the month because they had left themselves too exposed? Eventually they agreed, seeing the logic behind it.
He ran his hand over the gun, holding it in one hand, feeling it's weight, getting used to the feel of it. Ho
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My Chemical Romance - Gerard by superbutters My Chemical Romance - Gerard :iconsuperbutters:superbutters 174 19 My Chemical Romance -5- by OnMyWayToWonderland My Chemical Romance -5- :icononmywaytowonderland:OnMyWayToWonderland 704 193 KILLJOYS by xsafety-pinnedx KILLJOYS :iconxsafety-pinnedx:xsafety-pinnedx 104 17 Killjoys by spiralstatic13 Killjoys :iconspiralstatic13:spiralstatic13 106 10 Not Much a Poet... by jenneilicious Not Much a Poet... :iconjenneilicious:jenneilicious 19 3 Fun Ghoul by Building-Bridges Fun Ghoul :iconbuilding-bridges:Building-Bridges 388 53 Good Morning Gee by NadzEscapade Good Morning Gee :iconnadzescapade:NadzEscapade 87 90 Make Some Noise by chriztaychuang Make Some Noise :iconchriztaychuang:chriztaychuang 218 14 HECK YEAH by leaf-saw HECK YEAH :iconleaf-saw:leaf-saw 474 86 Can you see... I'm okay by NadzEscapade Can you see... I'm okay :iconnadzescapade:NadzEscapade 104 39


So today was the first time that I'd listened to My Chemical Romance since they split (*sad face*) and I felt ... I felt okay.

I'm happy that they're moving on and doing new things. Frank has Death Spells. Ray is writing/singing/producing his own songs (did you guys hear it? So awesome.) Gerard's Killjoy comic is out (can't wait to get my hands on a copy btw) and co directing and writing an episode of the Aquabats which Mikey is in!

Im happy for them and realised that listening to their music isn't so hard :nod:
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croeso i fy myd. Welcome to my world. :wave:
Whats in it? well I can tell you that you can expect a tone of My Chemical Romance, along with some other bits 'n' peices.
When it comes to MCR, I am against band slash especialy WayCest. Though I have nothing against those of you who like that kinda thing. You know what they say; 'whatever floats your boat' :pat:

My world is very average, the only thing that sets it apart from the rest is my amzing friends who have the abilty to fall over air BACKWARDS, who thinks eggs are fruit, need to ask how many legs a horse has and who have fights in the common room with cleaning products and christmas trees. I love you guys :iconloveyouplz:

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